Permaculture in Few Words

There is as many approaches to permaculture as there is to agriculture or other areas. People widely disagree on how things are. Always take any information about permaculture in the context of your own land you work on, nothing else but your own conclusions have any value. Whatever "they" tell you not to do - try it!  The one thing which I think is safe to say in general is that a permaculture experience does not depend on weather and rainfall as much as agriculture, it depends on Food Forestry design, understanding the difference between understory and canopy trees... and tree mulch, everything depends on tree mulch or wood chips.
Weather situation
Forestry Design
Tree mulch wood chips

Restorative Value

I associate agriculture with a degenerative value  since every time a plow goes through the good dust flies and top soil erodes. Permaculture on the other hand represents a restorative value, a promise for a productive future on those lands already written off by agriculture. You can "organically" destroy the planet but following permaculture principles you will be part of restoring it. The land I work on once upon a time was a sugar cane farm until the top soil was eroded away. After that a dairy followed, later beef cattle and horses leaving an environment completely void of any top soil.

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